I feel it's time that we depart
For futures that means there's no start
All hopes and a sense that we may feel
'Cause peace has lost it's mass appeal

Concern has fostered change of mind
Now all that's certain is a passing of time
With patience gone, now greed prevails
Oblivion time we set sail

But it's not as bad as it may seem
For I know a place that's found in dreams
The visions in my mind let me see
That Heaven's gates may truly be
Where your inner soul is known to you
And spiritual ground is captured too
If you open your mind you'll be welcome to

Escape that (Going back)
Where there's no wrong
When life was strong

I was once told that nature's plan
Was God's way of looking after Man
That carelessness has a price to pay
Now all that's certain is Judgment Day

Mortality's doom has left a trail
At this moment it seems to fail
Selfishness has a destructive path
Regret be felt in the aftermath

Fugir para algo novo.
Onde não existam limites.
Onde o futuro parece não ter início...

* Ouvindo: 4hero - Escape That [5:23]

4 comentários:

Thii disse...

tu cantando essa música é a coisa mais lindaa!


poq será que, pelo meu last, essa é a música mais tocada?

saudade de conversar :*

Anônimo disse...

o que é auan?

ClAr!ssa FrAncesinHa disse...

Tempinho que não comento por aqui.
O meu velho e querido Okazi.
Beijão Grande Amigo Iordan

matheus matheus disse...


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