Count Basic - This Is Your Life
(Dieter Kolbeck / Kelli Sae)

All the things you do
Will come back to you
So just watch your steps
Don’t do something you’ll regret
If you know what’s good for you
Take a stand make demands
In your hands you hold the key
You have got to try to believe
Have a plan you understand
And keep it to yourself
It’s for you and nobody else

This is your life
You have got to think twice
Don’t close your eyes
'Cause your life could pass you by

Things get tough at times
Opportunities too rough to see
That’s because you’re not looking at reality
And what you can be
Negative is negative
Stick to positivity
Remember who you really need
Take control of your soul
There’s no one else to blame
Do what you do and don’t be ashamed

This is your life ...


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Vídeo no youtube [Sweet Luis/This is your life]
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3 comentários:

Pris disse...

Eu estava precisando ouvir palavras como essas...

Vc andou lendo meus pensamentos?

"Stick to positivity
Remember who you really need"

I think I know who I need =x

Tô baixando Jafrosax!


Clarissa disse...

concordo com a pris
esse trecho é massa demais

Morais disse...

fazer q nem akeles comentarios xatos
to passando aki so pra deixar um oi

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